Real Estate

Our team of experts reaches out to people selling real estate in the United States and provides them consultation to sell their property urgently and at a  reasonable price. This process is streamlined by our skillful team who discovers appropriate buyers and closes a deal as soon as possible, ensuring all financial and legal considerations. 

Our Process

We Buy Everything Ourselves

There are no intermediaries in these transactions. We are the buyer so there is no need to have any real estate agents that charge anywhere from 3-6% commission in the transaction.

We Do not Do Appraisals or Inspections

Once we agree on a purchase price, we just buy it. There is no need to do inspections or appraisals. If your property requires minimum or extensive work, we ll bear it all.

Quick Closings

We usually close in 10-15 days after the contract is signed. We only need to make sure your property does not have liens or issues with the title, but if the title is clear we close pretty fast.